Beach Wedding in Paphos


Religious Wedding Venues

St. George Chapel   Ayia Kyriaki Church


In Cyprus, it is possible for couples to hold their ceremonies in the Anglican or Catholic tradition and to receive blessings in a wide selection of venues, tailored for their specific needs.

Cyprus Blessings

The Island of Love is the perfect spot to renew your wedding vows.
There may be a number of reasons for having a Blessing. It is a beautiful ceremony which adds intimacy and cherished memories to your declaration of love.

Cyprus Catholic Wedding Ceremonies

A church service should reflect your religious beliefs about marriage. Paphos is a wonderful location for church venues with an array of historical sites available for a Catholic ceremony.

Cyprus Anglican Wedding Ceremonies

Choose from quaint chapels and beautiful churches for your Anglican Church ceremony.
Most hotel chapels now open their doors for this ceremony which has widened the selection of available venues and made it easier to hold your ceremony on the day that you wish.

Blessings Service

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Many hotel chapels are available for a Blessing. The beach, pretty hotel grounds, a private villa or even a boat can all be used for a Blessing.
Cheap Weddings Cyprus will work with you to arrange a ceremony that you will remember forever.


A Blessings service lasts approximately 25 minutes and is performed in English.
Marriage and Blessings
If an unmarried couple chooses to have a blessing ceremony they will first need to have an informal civil wedding in order to obtain the compulsory marriage licence before their chosen blessing date. This is to ensure that the marriage is legal in Cyprus. Those who are already married to each other and require a blessing only are exempt from this regulation.


The fee for the blessing has been set by church officials. No further charges have been incurred by I Do Wedding Company either for the blessing fee, or for the compulsory marriage licence fee.

Catholic Service

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Catholic ceremonies can be held at either the St George chapel, Ayia Kyriaki church or inside one of the numerous hotel chapels now operating in Paphos.
The service lasts for approximately 25 minutes.
A team of Catholic Church officials from the UK arrange and perform the ceremony in English.  
Before, during and after the wedding, CD classical music will be played along with hymns chosen by the couple for their guests to sing. Couples are welcome to bring their own CD but it must be in keeping with classical or easy listening music.
These details would be discussed and finalised during the couple’s pre-marriage meeting in Cyprus, organised by a personal Cheap Weddings Cyprus wedding planner and church officials.